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Architectural solar control film
Vehicle Re-mapping
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Architectural window films

   Summer is coming and its time to think about getting your hot conservatory sorted. Solar controlled window film is the answer blocking heat by upto 75% and blocking harmful UV by 98% it stops your furniture fading and makes your conservatory a more livable enjoyable experience.Easier to keep clean than dust gathering blinds.You can also make it more private with one way film. Loads of different shades to suit.Or maybe your thinking of changing to low E glass we can apply Low E film same performance at a fraction of the price of replacing the glass.

Vehicle Remaps

Hi would you like a bit more power from your vehicle ?
Do you tow a Trailer or caravan and want a little more from it ?
or maybe you want more MPG.

If any of the above apply. Consider an ECU Remap, Is not invasive or damaging to your vehicle. Its basicaly a tune up for your engine with big advantages. Its a modern version of Chipping without the need to take apart your ECU.

  We do a mobile re-mapping service at JBF along with real discounts if taken with a vehicle tint job or if u want the job done at our unit.