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            Commercial Window Films    
      At JBF we do all kinds of commercial window tinting, to reduce your carbon footprint by fitting films to cut the cost of air conditioning and reduce heat loss, Architectural solar control to window frosting and reflective films for privacy. We use Solar Gard Film, and all film comes with a guarantee. 
Below are some pictures of frosting being fitted at the Premier Inn at the Wharf shopping Centre in Kidderminster. 
Commercial window tintingcommercial window tinting
Architectural solar controlArchitectural solar control by JBF                                       
        Above Architectural Solar control film fitted by JBF to cut down glare.
       Low E Film is a great way to enjoy the benefits of Low E Glazing without the cost of replacing your Glass.
Solar Gard Low Emissivity Summer/Winter FilmYour best choice for year-round energy savings
Solar GardSilver AG 50 Low E window film can reduce your energy consumption during both cold and warm periods, providing year round energy and cost savings. The specialized low e coating on Silver AG Low E window film provides your building with exceptional benefits including:
  • Reduces winter heating costs by reflecting interior heat back into your building
  • Reduces hotspots in your building during the summer months
  • Improved year-round occupant comfort
Silver AG 50 Low E lets in more natural light than other low emissivity (low e) window film products, resulting in:
  • Increased daylighting benefits over other insulating window treatments, minimizing your need for interior lighting and improving occupant productivity
  • Superior interior and exterior views
For further information on Silver AG 50 Low E, download the product data sheet
We also offer the Silver AG 25 Low E for commercial applications that require a darker film
Conservatory shading
Left is an example of shading we fitted on a conservatory roof.